A high degree of automation, efficient series production and a high degree of flexibility for special designs - this is what sets C.D.I.E CO apart from other manufacturers!

Efficient series production

C.D.I.E CO standard products are created in efficient series production. Our particularly high vertical range of manufacture guarantees a high degree of flexibility and independence. As a result, our customers benefit from a special product quality and competitive prices.

High degree of automation

In our production we use the most modern machines and technologies. This includes numerous CNC-controlled machines, from machining centers to robots. With our self-developed production machines, tools and testing machines, we set unprecedented standards in our business field. The widespread use of IT systems in production ensures that all relevant information is available on every work system at the right time.

Competence in corrosion protection

C.D.I.E CO relies on the most modern technologies for surface protection. Our production facilities have automated painting lines with controlled environmental conditions, a dipping system and their own blasting chambers. This enables us to meet the high customer requirements for the corrosion protection of our products for use in the most extreme environmental conditions.

Unique test systems

In our test field, all constant hangers, spring hangers and shock absorbers are checked before delivery and adjusted according to customer specifications. With our self-designed and computer-controlled testing machines, we are able to carry out tests in a large load range. We have test systems for our snubbers that make it possible to simulate typical applications in our production facilities. We also develop and build tailor-made testing machines for our customers.

Special constructions

Most of our work systems in production are multifunctional and flexible. This also allows us to efficiently manufacture special products according to customer requirements.

International Manufacturing network

All C.D.I.E CO plants have the same basic structures, but specialize in certain production-related focuses. They form a powerful network with one another and complement one another. For our customers, this specialization results in high product quality at competitive prices.